About Me

Steven David Branon

Grand Rapids Headshot & Commercial Photographer


Photographer | Father | Wanderer

I am an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and adrenaline junky.

I have had the Privilege to work with Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Writers, Bands and Artists. I Have been blessed to travel and make a career out of photography.

My Goal in life is to love everyone equally and someday travel the world and take photographs of the needy to promote awareness and a need in others to help make the world a beautiful place.

Grand Rapids, Michigan's #FUNtographer

Gear: Canon

5D Mark II, Mamiya RB76; Profoto B1 Air, Profoto D1 Air

 Canon, Mamiya, Profoto, Sekonic, Thinktank Photo, PocketWizard, TetherTools, Manfrotto, Mathews Stands